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24-Sep-2017 21:03

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Mirai and Sasaki will play a “married” couple in which Sasaki’s dead wife’s spirit goes into his daughter (Mirai). It has also been confirmed that there will be a love scene involving the two of them, and Sasaki said, “If it was not for the drama, I would be in big trouble.” Shida mentioned that she was a bit embarrassed by the scene. Yes, Shida Mirai plays the daughter; but, she also plays the mother.

She is a mixture of Monami (daughter), and Naoko (mother).[spoiler]For much of the story, Monami's personality is non-existent.

Having only saw the movie and not read the novel, I think the daughter's memory was completely lost in the movie. I don't know what the original novel deal with the daughter's memory.

The daughter with the memory of the mother was played by Hirosue Ryoko. I missed Ishida Hikari, haven't seen her since Asunaro Hakusho (the 1993 drama).

Casts * Sasaki Kuranosuke * Shida Mirai * Ishida Hikari * Motokariya Yuika * Hayashi Tantan * Hashimoto Satoshi * Ikezu Shoko * Masu Takeshi * Ryusei Ryo * Horiuchi Keiko * Fukikoshi Mitsuru Production Credits * Original writing (novel): Himitsu by Keigo Higashino Official site Drama Wiki 30s CM @YT A press conference for the upcoming drama, “Himitsu“, which stars Shida Mirai and Sasaki Kuranosuke, was held on October 12th.Btw, so in the novel, Heisuke likes Monami's teacher?? I've just watched the 1st episode and I'm wondering: should we consider Minami dead? Is it just 1 movie, or is it being aired for...???? That's a potentially spoilery comment and, actually, in the movie (which was obviously quite different from the novel): [spoiler]Naoko actually faked Monami's return so her husband could move on, which was revealed at Monami/Naoko's wedding.

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