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Tara currently is married, with children, and living in the Los Angeles area.

From his quirky personality to his admission that the cast pissed him off during the whole trip, Jon was one of the most memorable of this season.

Those people - brothers, girlfriends, bosses - show up to juice the drama.

"While the skeletons only stay in the house for a short period of time, they typically represent issues the roommates are dealing with in their lives," said Mike Beausoleil, who blogs about the show on (the name is a play on the show’s famous opening title sequence. This season, issues included eating disorders, anger management, ex-girlfriends and drug abuse, Beausoleil said. "I would say Chicago is being represented well," Beausoleil said.

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Edwards and Berrera-Kearns were replaced by Beth Anthony and Glen Naessens.

She also calls Ev the finest specimen she's ever seen and now declares herself bisexual.